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              Careers | Job Opportunities | Corning

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              Living In The Glass Age



              Hear the journey glass has made from magic to science - from Dr. Jeffrey Evenson, Chief Strategy Officer at Corning Incorporated and Chairman of The Corning Museum of Glass.?

              By cultivating a culture that values innovation, respect, and flexibility, we help?employees build long careers?and reach their highest potential.

              We’re Part of Your Future

              We’re Part of Your Future

              From light bulbs to LCDs, we’ve created breakthrough solutions that have transformed lives for more than 165 years. To achieve our success, we’ve always been committed to making the right investments today for tomorrow’s achievements. And while our heritage is important, our focus remains on the future. Critical to our prospects will be our people and creating long, secure, and successful Corning careers.

              What does a career at Corning hold for you?

              International Exposure
              Corning is a truly global business. With several locations across North America, South America, Europe and Asia, we deliver exposure to a network of industry-leading professionals based around the world.

              Technological Innovation
              Every day we engineer cutting-edge products that solve the toughest problems for a diverse range of industries. Our employees work with established and new technologies, systems, and processes — always learning, growing, and practicing their expertise.

              Culture and Environment
              We’re proud of our culture. It fosters a caring work environment that provides empowerment, flexibility, collaboration, recognition, and respect. We focus on learning and innovation, where mentoring others and being mentored truly complement one another. Our management is always approachable, respecting, and valuing each employee’s contribution.

              Start Your Career With Corning

              Learn about our values, culture, internships, and job opportunities.

              Discover Our Unique Work Culture